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Friends Of Gillespie Park

The Freedom From Torture Mosaic

Do visit the Freedom From Torture Mosaic at the back of the Ecology Centre:


The mosaic was created in 2012 by survivors of torture seeking refuge in the UK. They said:

“We are supported by local charity Freedom from Torture and attend the Natural Growth Project, a psychotherapy group that works outdoors in nature. It is here that we feel calm and peaceful and are reminded of good times in our own countries."

“The starting point of the mosaic was clay from the earth and the design emerged from the theme of roots. We made images relating to our cultural roots, homeland experiences and often painful journeys to escape torture."

“By placing it here in the park, we hope to raise awareness of torture and the struggles we survivors face. We would also like it to contribute to your enjoyment of the park."

“The people who made this mosaic come from the Cameroon, Chechnya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Turkey & Uganda.”

The survivors who made the mosaic have told some of the stories behind the tiles. You will find these stories in “ROOTS & ROUTES – Survivors’ Tales”. There’s a copy in the Ecology Centre. Take a look. Or click on the individual tiles below to see the stories:

Aeroplane Bike
Blue Bird Blue Flower Bright Blue Flower Cell
Children Dad Decorative Eagle Family
Fisherman Flower Vase Football Globe Grandma House
Heart Hideouts House Human Rights Husband
Lion Maama Tree Mum My Children
Pale Blue Flower Path Of Life
Pineapple Pink Flower
Pot Plant Prison Fence Prison Handcuffs Revolution Sign
River Rowing Boat Sea Sea House Stabbed Heart
Stars Moon Sun Teacher Tiny Blue Flower Tools
Tree Mountain Tree River Tree Roots Tree Uganda Village
Virgin Mary White Flower Wind Yellow Bird
Stars Old Tree

The project was generously funded by Ecominds, part of the Big Lottery Fund, and installed in Gillespie Park in partnership with Islington Council. The psychotherapists co-ordinating this project were Mary Raphaely and Caroline Roemmele. To find out more about the work of Freedom from Torture visit www.freedomfromtorture.org

The Friends of Gillespie Park thank Daniel Egan and Sam Herrington for preparing this webpage